Sunday, November 4, 2012

Batman, Football & Campfires | Weekend in Review.

We had a fun filled weekend this weekend. I'm pretty sure that it met every one of Brayden's dreams. He was one happy boy when I put him to bed on Sunday night.

Friday was the annual toy land that Walmart puts on in November. We've been the past two years. I think this is a relatively new event, and each year it gets a little more crazy as more people learn about it. The lines were out. of. control. this year. We waited in line for 10 minutes for Santa. Brayden told Santa he wanted chewing gum for Christmas. Good to know expectations are low this year ;)
2012 Toy Land_0061
Even with mom in the picture, it was less than stellar. It didn't help that they had every cool toy imagineable around Santa. Who wants to sit in his lap when you can look at the cool F-150 ride on toy?!
checkin' out the batmobile
he stood next to me like this for 15 minutes to wait for Batman. He was in awe
shaking hands with his superhero
look at his smile. I just adore this picture, even though the lighting was less than stellar
doing his batman hands
they were giving away really small little dart guns at this tent. Brayden kept seeing other kids with them and said he wanted one. We stood in line forever. Shot this sniper gun 1 time, and got the revolving dart gun. All was well with my boy's world... batman and dart guns. I'm not sure it gets any better for a 3 year old male child
on the way out of the square, this lady asked if B wanted to hear a story. He said yes and plopped himself down on a little carpet square. He sat still the entire time, doing all the motions and sayings that she had him repeat. For someone who doesn't sit still much, it was quite impressive.

Friday night after toyland Drew took Brayden for coffee and some hot chocolate. Brayden had been asking for Drew to take him to a coffee shop on a "date". He was very specific about which coffee shop he wanted to go to (a local one that we pass a lot when we're out and about), and what he wanted ("warm" chocolate, because hot chocolate is too hot). After the coffee shop Drew ended up stopping by the local high school football game. Drew sent me this picture of Brayden in the end zone. I love that he loves football :) Maybe we'll be watching him on this field in 13 years? 

Saturday was pretty laid back. Drew took the boys hiking while I went grocery shopping. Saturday evening Drew built a fire in the backyard and we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows with our neighbor, Al. The boys absolutely adore Al, and were so excited to enjoy an outdoor fire with him.

eating his hot dog
Don't mind B's scowl. He was intent on eating that hotdog!

Today was laid back as well. It included church (which we were late for, even though we had an extra hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time) and not much else. The boys played outside for most of the afternoon, which was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
Mr. Cool on his way to church

Hope everyone has a good week!

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