Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Few of the Details, and a Picture.

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments yesterday! We are so very excited. There were a couple of questions thrown my way (mainly when I was due), so I thought I'd fill in some of the blanks that yesterday's announcement didn't fill.
  • When am I due? My due date is May 31, 2013. Considering both of my boys were early, we're thinking this one will be the same and make his/her arrival sometime mid-May.
  • Was this one planned? Sort of. We decided we wanted a 3rd, but we weren't really wanting to "try" like we had tried with Brayden. Keeping calendars and taking temps... it all lead to stress, and I wasn't about to go down that road again. We weren't really sure what to expect-- we have one son who took almost a year to conceive, and another who was very much a surprise. So we just kind of left it in God's hands. It took about 2 months. (Which has made me even a firmer believer that birth control really messed my system up, and is why we had such a hard time conceiving Brayden. That's another post for another day though.). Connor will be 2.5, which I have always said would be the ideal age gap. 
  • How am I feeling? While pregnancy has never been my enemy, it's definitely never been my friend either, especially the first trimester. I have had moderate nausea (thankfully no throwing up), and have been extremely fatigued. Last week was the first week we had a cooked meal in over a month. Thankfully I seem to have turned a corner late last week, as I seem to have less nausea. I still tire out easily, but my doctor said to expect greater than normal fatigue since this is my third. Emotionally I feel good (although my family would probably tell you that I am irritable, but I blame that on the hormones). Since this pregnancy was planned, I don't have near the amount of anxiety I had when I was pregnant with Connor.
  • Do you want a girl? Ah yes. The proverbial gender question. You know, I really would be fine with either. Growing up I always dreamed I'd have a house full of boys. It's no secret that I am most comfortable with boys. Girls are just so dramatic and prissy, and if they hit their head on a wall they cry for 10 hours. That being said, if I had a girl, I'd be ok with it. Girls are the glue to the family, and I'd love to have that for our family. Either way, I really just want a healthy baby.  And if I do have a girl, I will need someone to come and show me how to play barbies and put bows in hair. This coming from the person who didn't know how to do her own hair till she was 14. ha!
  • Will you find out what you're having? Ummm.... heck yes! I couldn't imagine not knowing what we were having. I'd probably develop nervous twitching if I didn't find out.
  • How are the boys with the news? Overall, I think they are excited. As I've started showing, Brayden has been more and more interested in the pregnancy and the baby. He asks questions, sometimes quite humorous (my favorite was when I told him that I didn't feel good because of the baby in my tummy. He then asked "is she biting you?" LOL). We talk a lot about how big the baby is, and what we'll do with the baby when the baby comes home with us (Brayden told me today that he was going to put the baby on the sidewalk and it would fall... great!) Connor really has no clue. If we ask him if he wants a brother or a sister, he says "NO SISTER!" and runs off. Considering Connor is my sensitive child, and greatly embraces being the baby, I'm worried the transition may be harder on him than Brayden.
  • Are you starting to show? This is mainly asked by my friends and family. I wasn't super great about being consistent with belly shots with my other pregnancies. But since this is more than likely the last time I will be pregnant, I am going to try my hardest to do weekly updates. So for those of you interested, here's a pic of me on Sunday, a few days over 11wks (please pardon my hair, which had been rain pelted and wind blown on the way out of church). I feel like I am carrying this baby higher than my boys. Wonder if that means anything? Hmmm....

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