Monday, November 19, 2012

Connor is 2.

Two years ago, my life was changed forever, as we welcomed our second son into the world. I'll admit, at the time I was overwhelmed by fear. Fear that I may not be able to do the whole two kid thing, fear that I wouldn't be able to love another little soul as much as I loved Brayden. Fear that life would change so much I may not make. I faced my fears, overcame them, and I'm here to say, the arrival of Connor Andrew made me a better person, inside and out. He was the absolutely perfect addition to our family, arriving at just the right time, and refining us in ways we never even knew existed.
At 2, Connor is the epitome of a toddler boy. When he's not in his epic "noodle tantrums", he really is the most joyful little boy I've ever met. He says "hi" to everyone he sees. He smiles, laughs, sings and dances to his hearts content.

Connor LOVES to cuddle. He'll come to me throughout the day for hugs, or to "hold you like a baby". I try most times to drop what I am doing and embrace the moment. It won't be long before I'll get the backtalk and sass that comes with preschoolers :)
As far as details, Connor weighs approximately 30 pounds. He wears mostly 2T clothes, but he has a few 3T shirts too. We're not potty training, nor do I plan to do so anytime soon. Sometimes he will ask to sit on the potty, so we entertain, but by no means is it something I plan on taking on right now. I waited until Brayden was almost 3, and it was the best thing I chose to do. Connor will probably be the same.
He's still in his crib, but that will probably change in the next 2 months, as we start the transition of Connor sleeping in Brayden's room. I'm a bit nervous about the transition-- both to a regular bed, and to a shared room. Technically I could put each child in their own room, but I really like having a guest room, so I'd prefer to keep it that way if at all possible.

Connor's vocabulary has really sky rocketed over the past month and a half. He is talking in 3-4 word sentences now. My favorite that he says is "where did ____ go?" He says it in the cutest little high pitched voice and I just want to squish him when he says it. Adorable.

Connor LOVES Brayden. He'll often call out for him when we're all at home. They play well together for the most part. Wrestling matches have now become a part of my life. At first I tried to make them stop but I decided that unless someone was bleeding, I'd let them go at it. They're boys. And since the wrestling matches are spurned on by Connor (A LOT), I figured if he could pick a fight, he could fight a fight. So far it's working out well.
Connor Andrew--

2 years ago I never dreamed it would be possible to love another child as much as I loved your brother. But it's true. Love is never split when another child is born into a family. It's only multiplied. And I would say that your addition to our family exponentially multiplied the love that we have for each other, and for you. You have brought joy, laughter and fun into our homes. I love seeing the world through your innocent eyes. Watching you dance and sing, especially when you sing to Jesus.... it just makes my heart melt. I love you like there's no tomorrow... all the way to the moon and back. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby boy!

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