Wednesday, December 19, 2012

16 Weeks {Pregnancy Update}.

We took this picture on Sunday. It's hideous, I know. Gotta love the t-shirt and sweats days :)

How Far Along: 16 weeks, 5 days.
Size of baby: the baby is the size of a Turnip, measuring approximately 5 inches long and weighing approximately 5 ounces.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 5 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: I'm in pretty much all maternity wear now. My regular pants still fit, but they get uncomfortable by the end of the day. I actually wear sweats and t-shirts most days.
Gender: We'll find out January 7th! Based solely on the way I am carrying this baby, I feel like it might be a girl (I was WAY lower with the boys). I'll be happy with either... I just really want a healthy baby!
Movement: I'm pretty sure I've felt flutters this week. Nothing strong enough to feel with my hand on my belly.
Sleep: I've had a rough go of sleep this past week. Guess I'm gearing up for those long nights.
Symptoms: a few flutters of movement. On Monday I had a few braxton hicks contractions. That took me a little off guard since I've never had them this early with my boys.
What I miss: sleeping on my tummy. 
Cravings: still craving Mexican food.
Food Aversions: this weekend at our Christmas party someone brought an artichoke cheese dip. I normally love that stuff, but for some reason I could NOT eat it. SO strange.
Best Moment this week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat during my monthly appointment.
What I am looking forward to: We only have 3 more weeks till we know if it's a boy or a girl!!! I really want to nail down names, but we either haven't had time, or have not found one that we both really like.

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