Monday, December 31, 2012

A trip to Gigi and Poppa D's {Christmas, Part 1}.

We didn't have a white Christmas this year. White Christmas' just aren't in the cards when you travel to Louisiana. But we did have a lot of fun with my family, so I think we ended up faring well despite not getting the fluffy white stuff.

Fun little story:
Brayden and Connor were SO excited about traveling to my parents house. Brayden actually traveled really well. Connor did as well as a two year old could do, but about 8 hours into the 12 hour trip (both ways), he would have an all out whine fest. It was fun for no one. We got into Baton Rouge at 12:30am. I wish I had had video. Both boys were so excited to be there, and stood at the back door to my parents house like they were waiting to win a million dollars. And when Poppa D rounded the corner and they saw him? Goodness gracious, I hope the neighbors didn't wake up! They both started squealing uncontrollably. It. Was. Precious.
Connor ran into my parents room to see my mom after they greeted my dad. Connor gave her a big hug and then said "get out of bed!"

Some of the highlights of the boys time at Gigi and Poppa D's in pictures:

Fishing. This is a new obsession of Braydens. He learned how to cast while we were there.

Riding bikes. My parents live on a cul-de-sac, and have a long, flat driveway. Perfect for little boys to refine their bicycling skills.
(Connor was kind of all over the place, and is getting really confident on his Strider bike. I have a feeling he'll be on a big boy bike without training wheels by the time he's 3, just like his brother :)

Watching tv with Poppa D. Swiss Family Robinson was playing on Christmas Eve, and the boys were enamoured. I still don't know if it was because of the movie or because of my dads awesome commentary, but either way, we have that one on our "to buy" list for the boys. They LOVED it!

Snuggle time with Gigi.
the boys rarely snuggle with Drew and I, but with Gigi, they were always asking for her to hug them. I was also told by Brayden that I don't scratch backs as good as Gigi.

Time with cousins. Brayden and Connor LOVE their cousin Zoe. Brayden told us that he wants a baby just like Zoe :)
(I caught both of them under the chair, and Connor was talking to Zoe. They had Braydens jingle bell bracelet, so it's almost as if they are conspiring together on how to keep it from him)
trying to get 2 kids to look at the camera is a challenge. Trying to get 3? Impossible.
This needs a caption SO badly. I crack up every time I look a this picture.

I'm so thankful for the memories that were made at my parents house this Christmas, and thankful for family to share them with! (More Christmas pictures to come...)

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