Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Slithery House Guest.

My Monday this week started off like most typical Mondays... a bit of a lull followed by a rush to get out of the door on time. I was trying to pick up a few odds and ends before I brought the boys to school. Thankfully the boys were in the living room, because when I went into Connor's room, what I thought was a toy animal on the floor, ended up being a live animal. A slithery animal to be exact.
I'll be honest. Choice words came out of my mouth when I saw the thing. It was a knee jerk reaction to something that would make any mommy heart beat a thousand miles a minute. A live snake in my baby's room. I panicked and ran around like mad all while trying to call Drew.
I finally got a hold of Drew, and figured the best thing for me to do was to try and coax the snake into a jar. I had thought about chopping its head off, but then realized that snake blood would then be on my carpet, making my cleaning day take all the longer. Thankfully the snake went into the jar fairly easily (it did rear it's head at me at first, but then slithered right in).
The boys have been enamored by the fact that (a)a snake was in our house and (b) we have it in a jar. Brayden asked if we get to keep him. The answer was a resounding no, in case you were wondering. We've also had plenty of talks about how we don't touch snakes. 

Upon inspection when he got home, Drew thinks our little guest is a Copperhead (my dad concurs). Which makes me want to cry thinking that I found this thing just inches from Connor's crib. Praising the Lord that He kept my babies safe from something that could potentially kill them.

Now, does anyone know how to make sure snakes don't come in my house???

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