Monday, December 17, 2012

P&G eStore {Review}.

As a busy mom that is on the go a lot, sometimes it's just a little stressful heading to the store with both kids in tow. Trying to grab what I need while simultaneously keeping my kids at bay... yeah, it gives me stomach ulcers. Which is why, whenever possible, I try to make my purchases online.

Recently I was introduced to the P&G eStore. If you've ever shopped (which would be most people), then I'm sure you're probably familiar with P&G brands. The P&G eStore is a GREAT solution for moms like me. It offers all of my favorite brands in one spot, bundling my favorite products, offering great deals, and I can do it all in the comfort of my own home. I thought I'd share two of our favorite and most used P&G items in our home, both of which are offered in the P&G eStore.

My mom bought Brayden a rechargeable Oral-B toothbrush about a year ago. We love it! It makes tooth brushing SO much easier for little ones, and I feel like it cleans Braydens teeth a lot better than a manual toothbrush. The head of the toothbrush is small, so even though this toothbrush isn't specifically made for children, it still works well for his little mouth and teeth. Oral-B offers several different options for rechargeable toothbrushes. I think the one that Brayden has is this one (I didn't keep the box, so I am just going off of how it looks):
You can see all of the Oral-B toothbrush deals at the P&G eStore by clicking HERE.

I'm a big fan of Pampers diapers, especially for my littlest family members (I'll be stocking up on itty bitty Pampers diapers soon for baby #3!). The P&G eStore is running a great bundle deal right now with Pampers Diapers and Duracell batteries. Basically two of the most needed necessities for a parent of babies and toddlers. Gotta keep their bottoms dry and their toys alive :)
You can view this Pampers and Duracell bundle deal by clicking HERE.

There are also other Pampers bundled deals with other great P&G products. You can view those bundles by clicking HERE.

In addition to the great products and bundle offers that the P&G eStore offers, they have sweetened the deals even more by extending these great everyday offers to customers:
15% off on a first-time order from a new customer, using promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA
Free Shipping on orders over $25
Free Samples with every order

If you use the P&G eStore, I'd love to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what deals you were able to snag!


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