Sunday, December 9, 2012

Arms & Parades {Weekend in Review}.

Well, this weekend didn't go quite as planned, but such is life. We still had a good weekend all in all, and that's about all anyone can ask for.

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner. It's always fun enjoying another couple's company, and Pauline and Matt are no exception. We played games, laughed, and told stories. I love having a younger couple to hang out with-- makes me feel like less of an old person ;) Before dinner Brayden and Connor were rough housing with Drew and Matt. Somehow Brayden fell on his arm strange, but we didn't think anything of it. However, after about 2 hours of him still complaining of it hurting, I started to get a little worried. Since there was no obvious swelling or discoloration, we decided to not bring him in immediately, but rather wait till morning.

Well, Saturday morning came and the first words out of Brayden's mouth were that his arm still hurt. Drew checked it over and thought that it was starting to swell, so off to the walk in clinic we went.
he requested donuts because his arm hurt. We obliged ;)

I'm so thankful to know that the walk-in clinic near our home has an x-ray machine. Helped us avoid another $1000 ER visit.
waiting in the waiting room
waiting on the doctor (notice his blankie is on his arm. It's the only thing that would keep him from crying
After lots of waiting (and exposure to germs), 3 xrays, and more waiting, the doc came in and told us that it wasn't broken. Cue the relief.
so glad he can keep his sense of humor, even when he's in pain. He makes me laugh!

The unfortunate thing was that his arm was probably just badly bruised, which takes a bit to heal.
I told him he could have whatever he wanted after he was so brave for the xrays (since I'm pregnant I couldn't sit with him, so he sat in the room by himself as I watched through the window. Bless his heart, he did so well, whimpering while he held it still for the technician). He told me he wanted a cookie from Chick-Fil-A :)

Thankfully by Saturday evening Brayden was feeling better enough to play outside. He told me at dinner it was still hurting, but just a little bit, and by this morning he didn't complain at all and had full range of motion. So glad to have avoided a cast (so far anyway-- I'm sure our time's coming!)!

While Brayden and I were out seeing doctors, Drew and Connor got to go to the local Christmas parade. I was hoping Brayden would be well enough to go, but trying to get him to even move his arm remotely caused a huge wailing session, so we thought it best for me to just take him home. I laughed when I got this series of pictures from Drew, along with the following captions:
"having fun at the parade!"
"we're having an MEP- Meltdown of Epic Proportions."

Connor is very much a two year old, which is basically synonymous for bipolar. I swear the child can go from happiest of happy to maddest of mad in about 2 seconds.

Saturday afternoon Connor and I snuck away for a little errand date. We went to Sam's Club, which Connor was perfect okay with since he's a big fan of the samples. They were sampling cake, and I thought we could share. I was wrong. After my first bite Connor said "no share, do it myself." Awesome.

On the way home the sunset was beautiful. I pointed out the sunset to Connor and asked "Connor, who made the sun?" Normally he responds with a jibberish answer. But yesterday was different, and he said "Ummmmmm..... GOD!" Sweetest thing ever.

Connor has taken after Brayden and is OBSESSED with basketball shorts. Every day is a battle over clothes. I normally don't care, unless we're going somewhere, and then I lay my foot down (mostly because you just can't wear shorts when the highs are in the 50s and 60s). The battle continues into bedtime. So Drew improvised and told Connor he could wear his shorts over his jammies. This picture just cracks me up (please notice that Brayden also has something over his jammies. I'm pretty sure someday they'll kill me over this picture.)

Today has been just a typical Sunday. We did decided to debunk Brayden's bed in anticipation of the boys sharing a room starting next month (hold me... I'm not ready for Connor to not be in a crib!). We had to do quite the rearranging to make everything fit in his room. It's not the prettiest arrangement in the world, but it is the most functional for their room. We plan on bunking the beds once Connor gets closer to 3. Right now we're both worried with the boys performing acrobatics from the top bunk (see also, my first paragraph about avoiding casts... haha!).

We have some fun things planned this week-- tis the Season. I also have a few loose ends to tie up with Christmas shopping, and considering I'll be doing that by myself, I'm pretty excited about errands this week :) Hope yall have a great week!

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