Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Laid Back, Snowy Weekend.

We are slowly coming out of the post-traveling funk. I feel like I just draaagggg for several days after traveling. And it doesn't help that I'm pregnant, so even doing mundane every day tasks can zap me of any energy I may have.

Friday we had a few flurries in the morning. Brayden was disappointed, telling me that he wanted big snow, like snowballs in the sky like on Beauty and the Beast. The snow stopped not long after is started, and the boys and I settled in for a good, long nap. Imagine our surprise when we woke up and the ground was covered in over 1.5 inches of snow! Brayden and Connor were besides themselves with excitement. It took all of my energy trying to keep them from running outside in shorts and t-shirts.
Brayden would run really fast and then just throw himself onto the ground. He LOVED it. Also, please excuse our patio furniture, which blew everywhere while we were gone last week.

Of course, no cold party lasts that long, and Fridays was no exception. After about 20 minutes, both boys were up in arms about how cold it was, so we headed inside for some fruit snacks and a movie.

Saturday Drew had to go and pick up the beef that we split with several friends.
That's two slaughtered cows right there, split between several families.

When Drew got back he put together the play kitchen that Connor got for his birthday but that we hadn't put together yet. The boys LOVE their kitchen, and we spent a lot of Saturday afternoon "eating" their concoctions that they came up with.
Brayden was so proud of the many things he created. When I told him he needed to wash his dishes, he went back to the play kitchen, looked around and then said "where's the dishwasher?!" ha!

Drew decided last minute to take Brayden to his first Razorback basketball game on Saturday night. I wish I had video taped Brayden's reaction when I told him he needed to get dressed to go to a basketball game. His face was priceless and he was SO excited. He fared really well, lasting almost the entire game.
Brayden with his friend Jovan. Look how B is working the camera :)

Today was a day of rest for the most part. We had a family trip to Sam's, which included lots of food samples and soft pretzels. I love days like today, especially when I have a week with no childcare on the agenda and lots of errands that I have to run, including the boys flu shot boosters. Happy New Year to All!

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