Sunday, December 16, 2012

Annual White Elephant/Ugly Sweater Party {Weekend in Review}

For the past several years, our community group (which is a loose term, since we've grown and split almost 7 times over 10 years) has gotten together at Christmas time for a white elephant party. Last year we added ugly sweaters to the mix. It is by far one of my favorite Christmas traditions with some of my very favorite people. We are not related by blood, but it doesn't mean we aren't family.
I feel like I should make a disclaimer that Drews hand is intentionally placed where it is. Oh boys. They are so silly.
This year I actually joined in the festivities and got an ugly Christmas shirt thanks to Walmart Christmas turtle necks. When I pulled my shirt out of the bag to show Drew, Brayden said "oh mom, that's beautiful!" Beauty is in the eyes of three year olds :) Connor thought it was great that I had "doggies" on my shirt.
next year I'm decking Drew out. He needs a dickey with that sweater, wouldn't you say?

I was super excited that both of our gifts (A Chick-Fil-A giftcard and a pair of Superman underwear) were stolen the max amount of times. This also proves that the love of superhero underwear is continual throughout a mans life-- from childhood to grown man, every boy wants superman on their underwear. Brian was the first recipient.
(Meredith, I'm sorry. But I had to put this on here. Hopefully you'll forgive me later ;) )
Tim was really proud of his steal of a gift. And I'm sorry, but if you don't laugh looking at his outfit, you are emotionally void.
David got the gift that's been given almost every year since we started this tradition... the Conch shell. This year it was hidden in Stitch.
Meredith and Tim won best dressed this year. Obviously.
If we had voted on couples, they probably would've won. Although, John's outfit just scared me.

Other than the Christmas party, we've laid low this weekend. I've hugged my boys more than normal, remembering those families in Connecticut who I know wish they had just another minute with their babies whose lives were tragically cut short on Friday. I think this weekend has been a good reminder for our family to not take for granted anything that we have, especially the moments with those we love most. It has also left me longing for the Prince of Peace to make his second return. Yet, even amongst all of the evil that is in this world, I can cling to the hope of the promise that in Christ, I can have peace among the evil, and that even though our lives will be filled with trouble, He has overcome the world (John 16:33).

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