Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Spring and Winter Weekend.

This weekend was the most bizarre weekend. Friday and Saturday, we had spring- almost summer- like weather. It was beautiful, and my boys were so happy when I told them they could wear shorts and sandals the entire day, whenever, and wherever they wanted. Then Sunday we woke up to rain and cold, and a forecast that includes possible snow flurries. If nothing else, I'm ready for some consistent weather, because having to explain to my kids why they can only wear shorts every 3 days is most confusing and frustrating for this momma.

Friday we spent most of the afternoon outside. By far my most proud moment of the weekend was when Brayden told me he would spell his name with sidewalk chalk. I figured he'd do his usual scribbles, but he actually did it! I'm pretty sure my entire neighborhood heard me scream with excitement. We threw a little party for sure.

Connor clearly loved being outside. He is really developing a little personality.

Saturday morning the boys enjoyed breakfast outside with daddy while I slept in a bit :) Mamaw makes some yummy pumpkin bread!

Saturday we attacked some yard work that we've put off. The boys were thrilled to help... well, at least Brayden was.

Connor enjoyed watching and eating his snacks.

They also enjoyed riding bikes. We pretty much were outdoors the ENTIRE day.

We got some Sonic drinks in the afternoon. Brayden was pretty excited :)

Sunday we were pretty bummed that it was rainy and cold. But not bummed enough to look really cute :)

We have spring break this week, so I'm trying to fill our days with fun things to do. Hope everyone else enjoys their week!

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