Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finding Worms

Growing up, I played with all kinds of bugs and creepy crawlers. You could frequently find me outside catching some sort of critter. I firmly believe that God was preparing the way for me to not be freaked out by the many gross things that boys find absolutely amazing. Enter worms.
Last week the boys were enjoying the fabulous new spring-like weather we have had hit our area. Shirtless and shoeless (I've tried with the shoes, and it's a lost cause). And then we found a worm.
The boys (especially Brayden), relished in the squishy squirmy, nasty worm glory that is the Earth Worm.
At first I grossed out.

And then I remembered to just embrace it. So we did.

My hope is that I remember to often stop and relish in these moments. To get past the "nasty". Because even the "nasty" moments are far too fleeting.


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