Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pirate Night.

Drew and I took the boys to Chick-Fil-A the other night for Pirate Night (this also proves I am officially old, as it was my birthday night and we ended up at CFA to pretend to be pirates). I knew the night would be a hit, but I underestimated just how excited the boys would be. Brayden was especially enthralled with his pirate sword and the fact that there was a "real" pirate there to take pictures with.He kept going up to random people in the restaurant saying "Arggghhhh Maty!" Hilarious.
Connor got free ice cream with toppings. Clearly he is my child.
there was a face painting artist there. I wasn't quite sure if B would want to do it or not, but after seeing a few of the other kids he was all about it. I was SO thankful his preschool teacher was there; she was able to talk him out of the horribly awful 6 eyed pirate face and into something a little less scary.
His first look. When the artist was making the scar on his cheek and she said she was putting blood on there, he was so sure that it was REAL pirates blood. LOL.
With Miss Jenny, one of his MDO teachers. We love her!
with the "real" pirate and his ship
an attempt at a group shot. Not even sure why I try for these. Connor NEVER sits still.

When we got home, Brayden learned that we would have to wash off his face painting. Then his balloon sword popped. It was pretty much pirate meltdown at that point. I did manage to get some better pictures of him as a pirate before the drama started, and that seemed to help some of the meltdown. We promised that he could always look at the pictures of himself as a pirate whenever he wanted. braydenthepirate_adollopofmylife
being a pirate is serious business folks.

We're so grateful for Chick-Fil-A being so family friendly and offering nights like this. It's fun for our family, and definitely helps my sanity.

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