Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend in Review

We had a fun-filled weekend this weekend, and since it didn't end until late last night, I'm a bit late in getting these pictures up.

Saturday morning the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It felt like spring, the birds were chirping, and my boys were besides themselves that they could wear their basketball pants and t-shirts outside. I'm pretty sure they were outside playing by 7am. Lucky neighbors ;)
I found out that Connor has a great love for carrots. He sat next to me on Saturday morning and chowed down on an entire bowl of baby carrots.
Brayden saw me taking pics of Connor on the porch and yelled across the yard for me to take a picture of him swinging. Then he proceeded to give me the cheesiest smiles. He makes me laugh :)

Saturday afternoon Drew's brother, Nathan, and Nathan's wife, Jamie, came in for a visit. The boys have basically bombarded Nathan from the get-go. Poor guy probably thought he was coming for a relaxing trip and has been having to have wrestling matches and hide-and-go-seek games since he walked in the door.
Drew titled this one "brothers holding brothers".

Unfortunately the weather from Saturday afternoon through Sunday turned gloomy and rainy, so we've spent most of the remainder of the weekend inside. Sunday night we had my cousin come and babysit the boys so that we could go out to eat with Nathan and Jamie. We went to Red Lobster and we each chose one of the 4 course dinners.We barely made it out of the restaurant on our own two feet we ate so much food. I was absent minded and didn't take a single picture of us out at dinner, which is probably a good thing anways, seeing how we were stuffing ourselves silly :)

We have a fun week planned with Nathan and Jamie, and are gearing up for spring break next week too. Hope everyone has a good week!

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