Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Showers and Sickness.

We had great big plans for this weekend, that came tumbling down Thursday night when I fell ill and then realized that Tyler wasn't moving as much as normal. It was a bit of a scare to say the least, but thankfully everything checked out fine (they monitored me in L&D just to make sure his heart rate and everything looked good). I came home feeling like death and not getting much sleep. I figured Friday would be an epic day of whining and feeling terrible, but I am married to an awesome man. Drew recognized my great need for rest, worked from home, and juggled all household duties. He's awesome.

Saturday I actually woke up feeling normal again, which was a good thing because we had a t-ball game to make and a baby shower to attend. Problem was, it was pouring down raining. Never have I seen such a sad little boy, when Brayden was told that he wouldn't have a game. Bless his little heart. I felt sad for him!

I headed off to my baby shower later Saturday morning. My friends Jenna, Katie, Candice and Cari all helped throw the cutest natural outdoors themed shower ever. I told them to not go over the top, and they did such a good job keeping everything simple, but putting cute little touches here and there to make it feel so special too!
Jenna made the punch (it's the red one) and I am pretty sure I had about 4 mason jars full! It was SO good!
Yes, the food was as delicious as it looked! Jenna has a lot of the recipes on her blog if you are interested :)
S'more cupcakes! Genius! And I need to come clean with the fact that I didn't get their correlation to the "outdoors" shower theme until later Saturday night when I was looking at them again. haha!
Cari, Candice, Me, Katie & Jenna. I am so blessed with such great friends!
Steph and Courtney are two of my very best friends for life; We've been friends since the 9th grade! They were so sweet to drive all the way from Little Rock to come to my shower!
My friend Whitney drove almost an hour and a half with her 2 week old! Seriously yall, I have the best friends ever... who drives that far with a newborn just for a baby shower???!!! And yes, I did say 2 week old (doesn't Whitney look amazing?!).
shower favors were these amazing sugar cookies that my friend Cari made. I had to refrain from eating two.

Saturday night I started feeling awful again. I swore I was coming down with strep throat, but by mid Sunday morning, my sore throat was replaced with the worst sinus pressure I have ever experienced. So while my boys went to church, I went to the walk-in clinic. I'm all stocked up on antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray. Praying that it all kicks in fast, as it's hard for me to do anything right now without feeling like my head may explode.

Hope everyone has a great week! I've got a mile long to-do list that I'm hoping to knock out. Gotta get those nesting urges in order :) And don't worry, I do realize I still haven't put up pictures from my sisters wedding. That should happen this week too :)

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