Tuesday, April 9, 2013

He's Four. {Happy Birthday Brayden!}.

Dear Brayden-- Four Years ago, you came into our lives, and swept us off our feet. You gave us the title "Mom and Dad"... and we admit, we were smitten from the start. These past four years have been so so so rich and blessed. And YOU are one of the biggest reasons I can say that.

I have loved watching you grow up this past year. You have really left the toddler phase and have completely embraced boyhood.
You have an enthusiasm for life that is not matched. I love your little laugh, and your sense of humor. Your teachers tell me that you're the class clown. Which makes me laugh (and also makes me a bit nervous).

Sometimes you tell me that you are "SOOOOO handsome." I love that you are so confident, although I'm a bit worried that I might have pumped you up so much that you'll never come back down from that cloud :) ha! 

You are extremely smart. Sometimes too much for your own good. I've loved watching you take off over these past few months in your learning. You are so proud of how you can write and spell your name, and are quick to tell anyone who will listen.
Your love for Jesus is growing, and that just makes my heart so happy. I love hearing you tell us the stories you are learning in BSF or Sunday School. My prayer is that you continue to grow in your love for the Lord, and that you become a might warrior for His Kingdom.

You have a love for sports that is deep. You have loved t-ball and getting to play "real baseball". I love that you love sports so much!

Your sweet and sensitive spirit is a joy for all who are around you. I love how you will make sure that someone feels loved, and are quick to give hugs to anyone who seems to need one.

Brayden Thomas-- we love you so much and are so proud of the little man you are becoming! Thank you for making our lives so bright, and for reminding us to smile and laugh. You are our joy, and we're so blessed to call you our son!

Love -- Momma and Daddy

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