Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mudbug Madness.

For the past year Drew has been dreaming up a family crawfish boil. It finally came to fruition this weekend, and I'm pretty sure it was everything he dreamed it would be, plus some.
the boys were both so excited to help clean off the crawfish
Uncle Paul and Drew freed one of the crawfish and let the boys play with him. Bless his heart, I'm not sure he was very excited about his new freedom.
The weather was sketchy at first, which was a little disappointing considering we had already rescheduled for a bad weather weekend previously (that ended up being good weather). The clouds cleared out shortly after the first pot of mudbugs were dumped, and we all sat and ate for several hours.
the men, hard at work.
round one (we had six rounds!)
Sarah and Zoe (how cute is Zoe's little cheese smile?!)
the boys said they were cold, so Sophie and Hannah went inside to hang out (yes, B is wearing PJs. I can't keep him out of them for longer than 2 hour stints).
Everyone enjoying the food.
This is the crawfish we gave clemency to. His name is Charlie. :)
This crawfish somehow got embedded in the lemon during cooking. We called it the turtle crawfish :)

Sunday Megan had to say good-bye after a week long visit. It made it easier saying good bye since we'll see each other soon at my other sisters wedding. We already miss her and Zoe; Connor's walked around all day saying "where's Aunt Medan and ZoZo???" We love you Aunt Megan!

Right before we left for church today Brayden asked me to take some pictures of him outside. I grabbed my camera and this is what he did. The boy is crazy. haha!

We have a CRAZY busy week in store. I'm on a bit of overload right now, so I'm just praying to make it through unscathed. Hope yall have a good week!

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