Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interview with Brayden {age Four}.

This is my third time to do this interview with Brayden in about a year and a half (you can view the first one here and the second one here). It's amazing how much Brayden has developed in just that short of a time span. I just love his little personality!
What is your name? Brayden (sounds like Beyden when he says it)
How old are you? Four. 
When did you turn Four? In seven years ago, I turned four. In April.

What is your favorite color? Red and Gray. And white too.

Who is your best friend? Paige and Avery. 
What is your favorite animal? A crocodile.
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A golf player.
What is your favorite Movie? Monsters Inc and Toy Story (the red one-- which means Toy Story 2).
What is your favorite book? Wild Things (Where the Wild Things Are)
What makes you happy? Playing golf.
What makes you sad? When Connor bites me.
What is your favorite food to eat? The mac and cheese in the blue box. 
What is your favorite song to sing? My God is So Big So Strong and So Mighty, and Our God is an Awesome God.
What games do you like to play? baseball, soccer ball, golfball, tennis ball and raquetball.

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