Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Using Hot Rollers.

BlogHer asked me to watch this video tutorial on hot rollers and share it with my readers. This is a compensated post.

Oh yes. We're going there. Because I want to, and I figured if I actually learned something from this tutorial, you might too.

Hot Rollers is actually my FAVORITE way to curl my hair. I get kind of flustered with a curling iron (although the last video I posted helped with some of my "issues" that I have usually). I wasn't sure I'd learn anything new, but I actually did! First off, I always separate my hair from top and bottom and then go from side to side (if that makes sense). I like how Judy Time started at the top of her head and then worked her way around. Seemed a lot more simple. I also really liked how she started at the middle of the hair and then wrapped it around the roller. I've always just started at the tip of the hair and then rolled the roller down to my scalp, but that sometimes makes me lose pieces of hair... and I hate having that ONE piece of hair that doesn't get curled.

I'd love it if you'd check out the video too (and if you watch the video and answer the question at the end of the clip, you can enter for a chance to win $100, $250 or more!). Do you use hot rollers too? Any other tips that may help me out (you know, on those days that I get time to roll my hair).

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