Friday, April 5, 2013

First T-Ball Practice.

Last summer, Brayden started asking when he would be old enough to play t-ball. And football. And basketball. Pretty much any organized sport, B has asked to play.

My mom has told me I was the same way. And in some regards, I think Brayden is just following in my footsteps. I prayed for a boy who loved sports, and it seems that so far, the Lord has answered that prayer completely. Brayden is obsessed with anything that has to do with sports (Connor loves it too!)

So this year, when B started asking again about when he could play, we decided we'd give him the option of t-ball or soccer. He ADAMANTLY chose t-ball. He's waited 2 months since we registered. And earlier this week was his t-ball debut... in practice that is.
warming up with some jumping jacks

He LOVED practice. He said he wanted to only do hitting, but Drew was able to convince him to throw with his teammates too.
He loved running the bases. Going from second to third, when I started cheering for him, he looked over, slowed down, and smiled one of the biggest smiles. It was precious.
He's also really into doing his team cheer. We have several times a day where we have to stop, put our hands in, and scream "GO BRAVES!" Because that's what you do when you play t-ball. :)
Connor was a true sport about the entire evening. He was really upset at first that he couldn't play with Brayden and Daddy. Thank goodness for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the phone. Connor sat next to me for almost an entire hour watching shows on my phone while I snapped pictures. 
life's rough when you're the little brother
I can't wait for their first game.... and I'm pretty sure my little Brave can't wait either :)

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