Monday, April 29, 2013

Farm Friends 2013.

For the past three years, we've attended Farm Friends, an event put on by the 4H club in NWA. It is my boys most favorite thing to do-- Brayden literally talks about this ALL year long. I wasn't feeling that great this year, plus it's hard for me to run around chasing kids when I'm waddling like a duck, so I didn't capture as many pics as I would have liked. I'm so grateful for the farmers who make this event possible, and who are SO patient with our kids as they run around yelling at their animals :)
Brayden's favorite is by far the chicks. He loves holding them up to his face and telling them how cute they are
My personal faves are the baby pigs. How cute is he?!?
I thought about deleting this picture. Then I kept it. Because this basically tells how Connor is these days. CONSTANT. MOVEMENT. Drew had Connor duty most of the night, because I just couldn't keep up.
they serve a free dinner of cornbread and beans. Brayden ate the entire bowl!
They have a fake cow set up for the boys to milk. Both of them really enjoyed milking the cow.
I love that Brayden is at the age where I can ask what his favorite thing to do was. So when we pulled out and he said that he had so much fun, I asked what his favorite part of farm friends was, and he quickly replied "the lasso!" Maybe we have a future roper on our hands!
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