Sunday, October 10, 2010

18 Months

I've been terrible at the monthly updates on Brayden. Partly because I blog so often, and he changes what seems like daily, so it seems so repetitive to do a recap. But this is a big milestone-- a year and a half. Brayden has changed SO much over the past few months. Obviously he's changed physically (eat your heart out with his laughing handsomeness!):


He now weighs 25 pounds (50th percentile), and is 33 inches long (75th percentile). I have a feeling he got the tall and skinny gene from my family... poor guy has to wear 18 month pants but they fall right off because his little booty doesn't hold them up (thank goodness for adjustable waistbands!)

But developmentally he's progressed so much! Here's a synopsis of what he's up to these days:
  • he can run now, and if you ask him to run, he'll proudly strut his stuff.
  • He's also into dancing, and will break into his moves upon hearing any type of beat, but especially pants on the ground.
  • He remains a good eater. He now will tell you if something is really good by declaring "mmmmm", or if he's asked he'll tell you if he likes it or not. 
  • His vocabulary is HUGE. He now says: mamma, dada, weff (jeff), warwa (laura), papa, dad (for granddad), outside, yes, no, dis, hi, bye, juice, breakfast, up, love you (only when he wants to), uh oh and others I am sure I am forgetting. He'll also repeat words you say (yes, very scary!), and he blabbers gibberish like CRAZY.
  • He LOVES being outside, especially with Drew.
  • He LOVES the Hogs, and gets REALLY excited whenever he sees a Razorback. 
  • He LOVES his Daddy. The other day when Drew got home, Drew ran to the door and said "Daddy home!" So sweet!
  • Brayden is 50th percentile weight, at 25 pounds, and 75th percentile height, at a little over 33 inches. Looks like he's going to be a tall skinny boy :)
  • He wears size 18-24 month pants, size 24 month shirts, and size 7 or 8 shoes, depending on brand. I feel like he's in between on sizes right now, because a lot of his clothes fit, but still look a bit baggy.
  • He prays before each meal, curling his hands together in "prayer hands" and saying his version of "amen."
Brayden Thomas, you truly are my sunshine and I can't imagine my life without you. I love watching you grow and learn. I have no doubt that God has great plans for your life, and it makes me so proud that He has chosen me to be your momma! I love you more than you will ever know little buddy!


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