Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fruit Flies and Poots

Clearly by the title of this post you get the point that I lead a very interesting life. Today was no exception.

I'm pretty sure I've left out the small fact that for the past several weeks our household has battled it out with the worst swarm of fruit flies I have ever seen. They swarm EVERYTHING, not just the fruit and are just about the most annoying thing out there. We've had so many flies in fact, that Brayden has gone around slapping his hands together mimicking Drew and I going around trying to slap a fruit fly in our palms. I have tried several things, but still haven't had much luck. Until today. I decided to try again on a trick a friend of mine had told me a while back. The first time I tried it, it never worked. Today however, you just might as well award me with a blue ribbon for my fruit fly catching abilities.

What did I do you ask? Oh, just mixed some water, vinegar (about a 1:1 ratio) with a few drops of hand soap, put it in a little bowl, and let the little flies come a' swarmin'. So far, I've trapped and killed 11. I feel proud and accomplished, and am crossing my fingers that they will be gone for good after my concoction is removed.

And because I know we all need a laugh (especially after my day on Tuesday!), I figured I'd share this awesome video of Brayden. For some reason, he thinks it's absolutely hilarious to blow raspberries on his ball. When he started doing it today, I asked him who pooted, and he CRACKED up. This continued for several minutes, and I was able to get it on video. And I've finally caught his "bye bye" on film. Thankfully it's the less hick version, so you guys won't think he lives out in the sticks!

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