Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For Momma Only

For those of you who have toddlers, you are totally floating in the same boat as me. You know the one. The one where you are craving that piece of candy, that Sonic Happy Hour soda, or that delicious piece of gum. But gone are the days where you can sip/eat/chew in anonymity. Any glimpse of the secret stash has your child whining at your ankles, wanting "dis". Ah yes, no more anonymous guilty pleasures for me. I have somewhat brushed aside the whiny pleading, and just said that some things are just for Momma's. I did just that with the Lifesaver wildberry gummies I grabbed on the way out of Walmart the other night. Now that Brayden takes a gummy vitamin every morning, it's made me crave gummy bears, and the Lifesavers were on an endcap that i just couldn't resist on my way to the checkout. Well, when Brayden didn't cry or budge and inch this last time I clipped his nails, I told him that he could have a gummy. He quickly slid off the couch and ran to the kitchen, thinking he was getting a vitamin. So when I pulled out the Lifesaver bag, he pointed to it and said, "Momma?!" Bahahahaha. Poor child is already trained that it's for Momma only. He's a smart one I tell you :)

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