Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend in Review (picture OVERLOAD!)

Whew. I'm pooped. We've had a fun filled, VERY productive weekend. And it's a good thing, seeing how our schedule is hardly slowing down anytime soon. We needed all the production we could get! Let's start out with the fun though...

Friday ended up looking up shortly after breakfast, when Brayden's fever broke. He had woken up definitely feeling better, so after the fever broke I quickly decided I needed to get ready so that we could get our errands run. After we ran errands in the afternoon we met up with Drew after he got off of work to celebrate Oktoberfest at a local monthly festival. We enjoyed the park, fun seats and even some jousting/sword fighting (I'm not really even sure what to call what it was we watched, but both boys were enamored so we sat there for quite a while!).

(Please notice Brayden's hand on my face. While I'd like to tell you that he was being sweet to his momma, I cannot. For shortly after this was snapped, he shoved my face away. When Daddy is there, momma gets shoved out of the picture-- literally and figuratively!

Drew and B got to go on a mini-train ride... B LOVED it, and even shed some tears when the ride was over. I even got video of the ride, which I'll have to upload because the music the guy was playing was hilarious (think late 90s rap, not kid friendly! SO weird!).

(I know this is not a spectacular picture, however I love how excited he looks!
(again, another terrible quality picture, but seriously, he was having so much fun! leaning out of the window to say hi to me!)
we might have to have a talk about binge drinking... hehe. (don't worry, the beer garden was only serving root beer!)

Friday night Brayden wanted to wear his new rain boots I picked up at Walmart this past week. Thing is, he wanted to wear his rain boots after his bath. When he runs around naked. To say it was hilarious is an understatement. Here's one that's not too revealing :)

(he'll probably kill me for posting these when he's 15, but how can I not?!?!)

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early with B, got ready and all 3 of us were out of the door before 9am. We attempted a photoshoot with B this morning before our activities were underway. I'm pretty sure that photoshoots with 1-3 year olds are the hardest thing ever. He was running around, throwing sticks, climbing, jumping.... frustrating. And it's even harder when I am pregnant and can't move near as fast as I need to. Thankfully we got a handful of some good shots.

(this one was my fave of the shoot!)
IMG_9325_bw wm
another fave!
lots of Hog callin' since we were on the U of A campus!
Daddy sure can make this boy laugh!

It was a quick shoot, because after about 30 minutes B had had enough. So then we headed downtown to stroll around the bike rally that's been going on over the past few days. It's the 2nd largest bike rally in the country. A lot of locals HATE it because it brings SO much traffic to our otherwise suburban lifestyle. I don't really mind it; sure, I don't really like the traffic, but it's something fun to go to, and it brings a TON of revenue to our area. Here are some of the awesome choppers that were there this morning:

(This one was for sale, and was made by West Coast Choppers!)

Brayden LOVED it. He has really become aware of trucks, cars and motorcycles... the sight of wheels or the sound of noisy mufflers makes the boy turn his header faster than anything I've ever seen.

After we walked for what seemed like a bajillion miles, we headed to a birthday party for Brayden's friend Kinley. Lots of food, fun and party festivities, and we were worn out for the morning!

I mean, could she be any cuter?!?
Brayden and his friend Avery... they are 6 weeks apart, VERY much a like, and both huge hams! And clearly they both love cupcakes!
Drew asked the kids to smile for the camera-- we got a cheesy smile from Avery, and crazy eyes from B-man...LOL!
pointing out the Razorback's eyes to me :)

Brayden woke up from his nap mid-afternoon and we started the big-boy room transition. It went well, but I think Brayden is so confused. Drew put all of his school stuff in his old room, so he locked the door and Brayden sat there trying to get in crying the whole time. It was heartbreaking. We kept pumping him up every time we'd go in his "new" room by saying how big he is now, and how big boys sleep in there. When I put him down to bed I could tell he was kind of confused... it was so heartbreaking! I am glad that we decided to make the switch so far out from when Connor arrives. I'd hate for him to think that the change is because of Connor.

Today was our typical Sunday: serving in infants, church, Sunday afternoon naps and community group. We actually helped tonight with childcare for community group, so we were able to catch up with some of our friends while we watched all the kiddos. The weather is absolutely magnificent right now, and I am soaking it up because I know in a few short weeks we'll be chilled out with the winter cold and stuck inside with a newborn :) 8 weeks left, but who's counting :) Hope yall have a great week!

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