Sunday, February 19, 2012

15 Months.


Lately I've caught myself double taking when people ask me how old Connor is. How can my BABY be 15 months old?! And then I think, "holy cow! Brayden was only 4 months older than this when Connor was BORN!!! No wonder I just about lost my mind!" Ha! Connor has gotten to such a fun stage. He still LOVES me and Drew, can't backtalk that much (although he does throw a fit that will give an Italian Stallion a run for his money), and is starting to really interact with everyone in the family. When I picked him up from Mother's Day Out this past Thursday, he squealed, walked straight to me and held my face as I picked him up, then laid a big wet slobbery kiss on my lips. Ahhhhhh.... melt my heart! Here's a few other things he's been up to lately:
  • He weighs around 26 pounds. He's a CHUNK. He's now wearing 18-24 month, 24 month and 2T clothes. He's wearing stuff Brayden just outgrew at the end of last summer. 
  • He says a few words, but not many. He says "dada", "momma", "nana" (banana), "dah" (dog), "GGGGGG" (Gigi), "whoa", "dat" (that), "no"
  • He's on the cusp of walking 100% of the time. He went to MDO on Thursday walking/crawling about 50/50, and came home walking about 95% of the time. It was so strange! I think being around a few older kids has worn off on him. Sometimes it weirds me out seeing him walking around because I don't really feel like he's old enough to be walking around babbling to himself!
  • He has developed a severe dislike for green veggies, especially green beans. He would eat his weight in bananas, and claps whenever he sees strawberries.
  • Connor is my meticulous, fine motor child. He loves to play cars, trucks, little people, etc. He loves to sit and stack cups and blocks. 
  • He loves to shake it and will break it down to music anytime it's blaring. 
  • He LOVES when Drew gets home. He starts squealing and squeezing his hands together really hard like someone just told him he won the lottery. 
  • He loves Brayden, but also hates the stuff B does to him. You know, like being locked into his closet, kicked in the gut, and wrestled down and then pinned to the ground. I feel for him. 
  • He loves to give hugs. There will be a lot of times when he's playing in the living room and will just come up to me and give me the biggest hug and lay his head on my shoulder. Just melts my heart!


You know, it's hard to really grasp that in a year Connor will be hitting the terrible twos and I'll have the same toddler issues with him that I am dealing with with Brayden. I think if I have learned anything from parenting is that having the second child gives you a lot more perspective about what to get worked up over.

Connor I love you to pieces and can't imagine my days without you! Thank you for making my life richer! 

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