Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Obsession with Rhea Lana's.

It's no secret that I enjoy dressing my boys up in cute name brand clothing. I'm a sucker for a cute baby boy in a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.


(can it get any cuter than this?!)

My little clothing obsession makes me ever so grateful for one of my favorite things in Northwest Arkansas: Rhea Lana's. I've blogged before about my experience in snagging awesome deals on toys, clothes and shoes. And I'm here to tell you again just how much or family loves, loves, loves this consignment sale. Last year we purchased nearly all of the kid's Christmas presents at Rhea Lana's. What I could have spent on 3-4 toys, I easily got the boys 5-6 presents each. Everything was (and still is) in great condition. And the clothes. Oh the clothes. Nearly everything you see my boys wearing on this here blog comes from Rhea Lana's. The prices are outstanding (I rarely pay more than $5 per item, and that includes brands like Chaps, Ralph Lauren & baby Gap!) and the selection is out of this world (it's like name brand children's clothing store heaven, but without the lofty price tags!).

What I've enjoyed just as much as the clothes is meeting other moms with kids the same age as mine. There's lots of regulars at Rhea Lana's, which brings a fun aspect to clothes shopping that you wouldn't really get anywhere else. I also will generally help volunteer to work a shift during the sale, and doing that along with other promotional aspects of the sale allows me to shop before the public (and this year, like last year, the presale is on a Saturday, so even if you're a working mom you can still get all of the benefits of volunteering).

If you're local I highly recommend not only coming to the sale this year, but consigning your gently used clothes (you'll get so much more for them than if you sold them at a a garage sale!) I've never consigned before because we're still holding onto our baby stuff in case we have #3 (don't read too much into that folks... #3's not coming anytime soon--ha!), but I have a ton of friends who do consign, and they LOVE it. They're able to get top dollar for their used children's clothes and toys (Rhea Lana's consignors get to keep 70% of the sale price, far more than if you sold to a local consignment store). All of them have told me that the process is seamless. There are simple instructions on the Rhea Lana's website on how the process works.

I guess since I'm raving so much I should probably fill yall in on where the sale will be this year ;) The Northwest Arkansas Rhea Lana's consignment sale will be in Bentonville this year at the Clarion Hotel March 4-10 (this is the Clarion that is off of Rainbow Curve). You can get more information at their website by clicking HERE. If you're interested in volunteering, click HERE. You can also keep up with Rhea Lana's on facebook, so you'll never miss out on when the next sales will be, or if they run a little promo (they just recently gave away a gift certificate!)

If you have more questions feel free to shoot me an email or leave me a comment. Hope to see you there!

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