Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From Shaggy to Short.

If you hadn't noticed in the pictures of Brayden lately, I had let his hair get pretty shaggy. My intention was to let it grow shaggy in hopes he would have Justin Beiber hair. But the longer it got, the clearer it became that while Brayden is a cutie patootie, his hair just doesn't resemble Beibers when it's shaggy. So I decided it was time to get it cut again.


"I'm getting my hair cut?!?!?!"
The "I'll make a cute face because my mommy is bribing me with a sucker" pose

The "I'm a little stinker and I know it" pose
Just keepin' it real. I get charged at regularly during photo shoots.
I could NOT crack a smile out of this boy for the life of me
to truly understand why he's smiling, please read the story below. Trust me, he's not being sweet.
He defines mischief more than any child I know.
Oh, and if you notice in the short haired pictures how his left hand is behind his back? That's because it was in his pants. I kept questioning why he was doing that, and even asked if he needed to go potty. He kept saying that he did not need to go, and I kept insisting he pull his hand OUT of his pants. He eventually obeyed, and proudly showed me a handful of poo. Yes, that's right folks. While I proudly snapped photos of my first born's new haircut, he proudly pooped his pants, because pooping your pants on purpose (and make no mistake, it WAS on purpose) seems like a jolly good time to an almost 3 year old. And gifting said poop to your mom seems like an even better idea. Ahhh... life with an almost 3 year old. It's never dull, that's for sure.

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