Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Showers and Superbowls: Weekend in Review

This was probably one of the first refreshing weekends I have had in quite a while. The class Drew is in has quite possibly the hardest of the entire MBA program in regards to the time commitment. This means that we haven't seen much of daddy and husband over the past 4 weeks. It's been hard to say the least, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I'm trying to press on and finish strong :).

Drew was an awesome daddy and took the boys to the gym on Saturday morning so I could sleep in. I'm not much of a daytime sleeper, so I kind of just sat in bed and listened to the quiet. It was awesome, and I'm so appreciative to have a husband who will see when I need a break and give that to me. I headed to a shower/luncheon for one of my good friends, Candice. She's having baby #2 and her first boy (Luke!). It was good to catch up with friends and watch Candice get tons of fun little baby boy stuff.

_MG_8478 _MG_8481 _MG_8483 _MG_8484
(this little guy's name is Luke too, and he sure is a cutie! His momma is a friend of mine and blogs HERE).
Luke was getting his flirt on. haha!

Saturday afternoon Drew continued his studying tradition, and I took the boys out shopping for groceries. The day before the Super Bowl. I know, I almost checked MYSELF into an insane asylum as I drove towards the store realizing the insantiy of what I was about to do. Thankfully it wasn't too bad and the boys did great. My biggest problem was that I had promised the boys popcorn chicken from Walmart if they behaved during the trip (did I mention I went during dinner time? I know, CRAZY). They did behave so we headed to the back of the store to get our popcorn chicken. Brayden was nearly beside himself (he has a slight obsession with the popcorn chicken from Walmart). We asked for our cup o' chicken and were told that they were out. WHO RUNS OUT OF POPCORN CHICKEN!?!?!?!? AHHH. I had to quickly improvise and was fearful this would be the implosion of all implosions. It was 6pm, an hour past dinner, and the promised golden nuggets were GONE. Thank goodness for Lunchables. Yall, Lunchables normally gross me out, but I was never more grateful for gross preschool food than I was on Saturday evening. Brayden was perfectly content trading out the opportunity of popcorn chicken for the little yellow package of nasty lunch meat and crackers cut up into tiny cute squares. We headed out of the door quickly before he could realize what was happening and we all ate dinner peacefully.

Sunday was our week to serve in the church nursery. We did so and then enjoyed a good sermon. Drew studied most of the afternoon, and then we enjoyed a Super Bowl party with some of our closest friends. I totally forgot my camera so I have no pictures. It was all out craziness with a bazillion kids and people. Connor crawled up and down the staircase too many times to count, and both boys were caught in the toilet at one point or another (Brayden even informed me that "the shapes went down there"... not sure if that means they were flushed or if he just wanted them to be flushed-- Alaina has my number in case she has to call a plumber. ha!). And I think the highlight of my evening was watching all of my grown friends break it down and sing along with Madonna. Nothing like good friends to make you smile!

We have a CRAZY buzy week this week, with something on the calendar every. single. day. But I'm kind of glad for the craziness... hoping it will keep my mind off of all of the family drama for a bit. Hope yall have a great week!

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