Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trips, Moves & Graduation.

Well, I promised an update on Tuesday and of course, as luck would have it, my internet was not working when I got home last night after my 12 hour road trip back home. Bummer man, he delivers well, does he not?

We (we as in me, B & C) headed down to Louisiana for some time with my family last week. The true purpose of the visit was to throw a baby shower for my very pregnant, almost due, sister Megan. She's due with baby Zoe Grace sometime within the next 2 weeks and I can hardly contain my excitement about a little girl joining the ranks of our family. I can finally go nuts over little girl clothes and pink towels and ruffles without actually have to deal with the little girl clothes, ruffles and tutu's :) The shower went well, and we had a fun time enjoying the company of my family for a few days. While I was in Baton Rouge, I also got to meet my bloggy friend Mel!

It was a good trip for sure, but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I am happy to be home with Drew. Having daddy to help with the kiddos makes life a little easier, and I think the boys behave a lot better when they know that he's here to enforce things. I do have to brag on myself for a bit, because I made the drive from Baton Rouge to Northwest Arkansas in 12 hours yesterday. By myself. With two children under 3. That is no easy feat, especially when you consider one is potty trained and both boys needed to get out and run every so often (we made a total of 5 stops).

And to make life more fun... we're moving. I know, I know. It's so crazy that I laugh about the entire situation (us leaving to go out of town, Drew graduating and us moving... all in 2 weeks time). The move is a total God thing. I hope to blog more in depth about it soon, but honestly I just don't have enough time since I've been busy living out of a suitcase and packing cardboard boxes, all the while trying to keep two baby monkey's from making a mess of the situation, like baby monkey's often do. Thankfully Drew did a majority of the moving while we were gone, so we've just had to finish up odds and ends today, and we'll be completely in the new house tomorrow. I can't wait to show yall pics of everything-- the house is beautiful and was exactly what Drew and I were looking for. Have I mentioned that Drew did all of the moving while he was also finishing his final project for his MBA? I feel like I'm married to superman sometimes :) I'm so glad that Drew is done with his MBA and we can put the long study nights and weekends behind us and finally be a family again.

If you have assumed that I would have taken a bajillion and one pictures while I was away, you are right. But considering flickr takes about two years to upload my pictures, we'll have to split up all of the pictures in batches because I am currently operating off of restaurant and coffee shop internet connections until the internet is turned on at our new house (hopefully it will be fixed by next Monday). For now, I'll leave you with a little sneaky-peak of a few of my fave pictures from the trip and let you create your own captions.


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