Monday, August 27, 2012

A Visit from the Great and the Grands {Weekend in Review}.

We had the extra special treat this weekend of hosting my Great Uncle Mike and my parents. We were all very excited to see everyone, but none was more excited than my Brayden and Connor. They were over the moon happy to wake up on Friday and be greeted in person with 3 of their very favorite people in the world.

Friday morning Uncle Mike and my dad brought Brayden and Connor for donuts. Brayden was so excited when he came home and told me he got one with SPRINKLES. He also excitedly told me that he ate 5 of them. YIKES. Thankfully his tale was a bit of an exaggeration. It was not an exaggeration when my dad told me Connor packed away a dozen donut holes. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous how our Friday would unfold thanks to the good sugar rush they started with.

My Uncle Mike loves the outdoors, particularly plant life, so I knew that we would need to take him to see some of our walking trails. Friday morning was perfect weather, so we all packed up and headed out(well, everyone but Drew-- he was at work :( )
Please notice the nerf gun in Brayden's hands.

I LOVE this LOVE statue at our museum.
Uncle Mike and the boys
Gigi and Poppa D
And this was our attempt at getting me in the picture. Everything about this picture is hilarious. Especially Brayden hiding under the letters with his gun.
Uncle Mike in front of the Walton 5&10.

Friday night we had my Uncle Paul and his family over for dinner. The boys enjoyed pie out on the patio.

My cousin, Sophie, was playing outside after dinner with the boys, and came running in at one point with both kids, saying there was a snake outside. Sure enough, this guy was slithering around. Thankfully my dad killed him. FYI: this is a copperhead. Lovely thought to know that a baby copperhead is in the same grass my kids tromp around in barefoot. Lovely.

Saturday morning we headed to the farmers market before the boys swim lessons.
watching Uncle Mike's crepe being made
Have I mentioned how much I love all of the colors?
such a sweet pic
Uncle Mike shared the first bite with his little buddy :)
helping Gigi pick out some new jewelry
love him!
Uncle Mike brought the boys into the Walton 5&10 and let them pick out a little treat. They got harmonicas and sweet taffy-- the perfect combination!

We spent the rest of Saturday with family, but I rarely pulled my camera out, so most those memories aren't really recorded :(
I love this picture! 3 generations!

Mom, Dad and Uncle Mike left yesterday morning to head back to Louisiana. Please pray for them as they brace for Hurricane Isaac.

We had a relatively uneventful Sunday, which included rain, something that we are ever so grateful for!

The boys start MDO this week... we're all excited, and I am thinking that it will add some stress relief for everyone, as it gives me a break and them so consistent social time with other kids. This week is also GAME WEEK! Yay! Can't wait for college football to start up. Here's to hoping my Hogs do well this year! Happy game week!

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