Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Always Said I'd Never Be That Mother.

Years ago, before I had kids, I could hand you a list of things I would or wouldn't do. Because, you know, I was the best parent that had ever graced planet earth, and by gone, I knew I could nail this whole parenting thing right smack on the nail head.

And then I had kids, and the whole world laughed at me.

I went from saying my kids would never, ever watch tv. Or if they did, it would only be for educational purposes, and never for longer than 20 minutes. Oh how I suffer from foot in mouth. Unless I never want to brush my teeth, wash the dishes, or do anything semi-productive throughout the day, my kids watch tv. I screen what they watch, but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that there are days that we watch more than 2 hours of shows. Guess what? I think they'll live.

I went from saying I'd never cave to my children's demands for chicken nuggets or pizza, or some other equally mostly processed food. I've learned now: sometimes the battle just needs not be waged. Wave the white flag. Serve the pizza.

I always said I'd never send my kids to public school. Now I'm more passionate than ever to dive head first into our local schools.

I always said that my kids would never throw fits in public. And that they'd also sit quietly and eat all of their dinner if we went out to eat. You can all erupt in laughter at this point, especially if you've read my strong willed child post

I always said that my kids would never, ever ever wear characters on their clothing. I'm pretty sure both boys own at least one shirt with a character.

I always said I would never lose my mind, and always keep my cool. (Cue hysterical laughing). Considering I can't even remember the other "I always said I'd never" points, I'll go ahead and say that clearly I was off the mark on the "losing my mind" thoughts.

Oh... the last thing I always said...

I always said I'd have all boys. So far I'm two for two.
And regardless of what I thought parenting was going to be like, I wouldn't have what it's actually like any other way.

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