Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Fair and A Trauma {Weekend in Review}.

Well, we've experienced a lot of high's and lows this week. The highs included rain, low(er) temps and some fun family outings. The low was most definitely Brayden's worst trauma to date: a toe injury that has left him hobbly for a bit while he recovers. More on that later.

Friday night it was SO beautiful. It was seriously the first time all summer we've been able to be outside without breaking a sweat. So we celebrated by going to a local trail and taking a little family stroll. Brayden rode his bike. The boys stayed up way past their bedtime, but I just couldn't resist letting them play in the glorious weather!
all ready for his ride.
heart breaker.
yall, I can't quit laughing. I told him to show me his 'cheesy' face. And he did this. Over. and over. and over. hahaha! What a hoot!
so beautiful! the part of the trail we were on is not quite finished yet, thus all the dirt piles.
towards the end of our walk Brayden got into the stroller, and the boys put their feet up on the belly bar. familywalk_16
it's a rough life.

Saturday morning we started swim lessons back up. I had forgotten how chaotic our health club is on Saturday mornings (we have done midweek swim lessons all summer). It was absolute chaos. But it was the first time Drew's been able to see either boy in lessons for a while, which was a high for Brayden for sure, and definitely made the chaos worthwhile.

Saturday afternoon we brought the boys to the local fair. All I had to do was tell Brayden that there would be animals there, and he was in the car and buckled up! They were both SO excited, and Drew and I were relieved that the animals were separated from the rides, which meant we avoided (for the most part) the questions on if we could ride rides.
I asked for a cute smile, and got this one instead. Joy.
Connor spent several minutes jumping off the back tire of this tractor. I swear my boys are magnets for danger.
The fair had a petting zoo, which had baby chicks. It was Brayden's favorite by far.
pure chicken joy.
"How do I work this thing?!"
Connor kept yelling "MOOOOO!"
All of the sheep were shaved, so most of them wore old t-shirts, which I thought was hilarious. They also had these muzzles on, because apparently sheep have a tendency to eat too much of the floor coverings at the fair, and then subsequently get sick. Brayden was really concerned why the farmers would put these bags over their mouths.
The drive through safari that is local to our area was there with several animals. This lemur (atleast I think that's what this is) was out on a leash and was SO over the whole fair thing. He literally just laid there limp as a noodle.
this picture is really just for my sisters, who read my blog. It's fluffy yall! (and for everyone else: growing up we had a pet rabbit named fluffy. We purchased him from Walmart-- does anyone else remember walmart carrying cage animals?-- he was the best pet ever, and lived to be 9 years old before he died of old age.)

Sunday was going to be a pretty laid back day. We had talked about possibly going hiking with the boys, but all of that changed when Brayden had his first traumatic wound of his life. I wasn't there, but apparently another little boy was running into of the building at the same time Brayden was pushing the door to exit the building. B was wearing flip flops, and the door skimmed over the top of his foot, tearing off about 75% of his nail back to the quick. Brayden was beside himself (I don't blame him!), and would NOT let us check his toe, so we had to page a nurse on call with the church to come and check it out. We were worried we might need to take him to urgent care or the ER. But she thought that as long as we cleaned it and contacted our pediatrician, that we should be ok. Brayden got a piece of gum AND a sonic drink on the ride home for being so brave.
for anyone who has ever birthed a child before... keep your dermaplast spray the hospital gives you. It works wonders on toes too!
daddy was so good about doctoring him all up. I don't do well with blood.
Buzz and Woody to the rescue!
he was all smiles after being bandaged up. He's still really wobbly when he's walking, but judging by the fact that he was back to trying to annoy Connor this afternoon, I'd say he's well on his way to recovery. The doc said his toenail will probably fall off eventually, so that should be an interesting conversation with him later on :)

Because of the toe injury our week looks to remain pretty light. I have also been on the ball with blogging, so you'll get several posts from me this week, including a guest post and a post revealing my antique window turned picture frame! Hope yall have a great week!

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