Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grasshopper, Grasshopper What Do You See?

I see little boys chasing after me!
This summer has been both incredibly hot, and incredibly dry. It's been an unfortunately combination to say the least, and has left us with little time to spend outdoors, since I am deathly afraid of heat stroke and dehydration. The plus side to the drought is that we have had an abundance of grasshoppers. A crazy abundance in fact.
yes. This is gross. Yes. I encouraged it. It won't kill him. And they love them.
My boys have delighted in being able to walk in the backyard and find little critter friends to play with. I normally let them play with them, and then we release them to "go and find their mommies." ;)
We've had a few close calls with grasshoppers in the house, something I am not open to. And I'm not going to lie... a few have lost their lives after their temporary home was left in the sunlight for an hour or two. This has lead to some traumatic moments to say the least.
(Connor even shared his catch last night with Brayden. Nothing like a little grasshopper brotherly love)

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