Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Snow Day {FINALLY}.

After almost a year and a half with little to no snow, I'll admit that I was getting a bit antsy for some of the fluffy white stuff. Besides having fun, I was annoyed that I bought snow boots and gear for the boys, only to not be able to use it. Such a bummer when things like that happen.

This morning though, everything changed, when we woke up to the weather mans predictions actually coming true. We had blowing snow! The boys sat at the window for a while to watch and oohhhed and ahhhed over it all. But when it was time to actually go out and play in it, they balked. I asked them about 4 times and everytime was met with objection. Such a travesty. Apparently wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts trumps getting suited up in snow gear and playing in 30 degree weather... who knew?!?

Thankfully my neighbor called and asked if we wanted to play outside with them, and that got the ball rolling on their snowy motivation (we won't talk about the all out battle we had to get wind pants on the 3 year old). Once the tears were shed over pants, we all were able to go outside and enjoy a bit of the snow.
Zachary was NOT a fan of bundling up. Bless his heart. Is he not the cutest little boy you've ever seen in your life?!? He has the cutest head of tight curly hair hiding under all of those layers.
Brayden and Grace throwing snow in the air
Connor smiled the entire time we were outside. He LOVES snow!
he looks WAY too old in this picture!
snow angels!
still a little of the 'tude showing through.

This snow was perfect because it gave the boys enough to play in, but wasn't enough to keep us inside for days on end (ie: I was able to run to the store for diapers after Drew got home from work!). Now we're praying that spring comes soon... we're ready to be able to play outside ALL day long!

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