Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good Times, Old Friends & Toothbrushes.

We are alive and well, healed from all of the sickies from last week. Let's hope it stays that way for a while... life is a lot more fun when you don't have the flu or other common winter illnesses :)

We had the blessing of hosting some of our very dear friends for a visit this weekend. Brian and I went to high school together, and Christy and I went to church together, and now that they're back in Arkansas a reunion of sorts was imminent. It was so fun to relax, sit back and watch the kids play and talk. I just love kindred spirit friends-- friends who just "get" you. That is definitely what Brian and Christy are to us and their visit was so refreshing. It was fun to see the kids play together too! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let my memory making do the rest of the talking (and I just realized that the adults never took a picture together. Bummer).
David and Olivia
(a) please note that I did not pick out Braydens clothes this day (b) please note that he is standing like he is the hot dog grilling BOSS
Connor felt like he needed two hot dogs at all times. Because I clearly don't feed the child enough.
I mean. Really. This kid. I swear I don't teach him the Mr. Cool attitude. He is a mess.
our boys were slightly obsessed with Olivia. Bless her heart, she handled it like a champ.
lil' stinker
I was amazed at the differences between boys and girls over the weekend. I'm not sure I ever get poses like this when I whip out my camera with the boys :)
lots of trampoline fun!
oh my goodness. He has my heart (and he knows it). He told me tonight that he is my buddy. Melt me now.
we had fun riding bikes, despite the 30 degree weather
seriously. how cute are they?
Brayden wasn't a fan of riding bikes in the cold. So he drew pictures. He was so proud of his angel, complete with hair and a skirt ;) I love his little imagination coming to life. It's precious.

Our weekend ended in somewhat of a low note, as we realized one of our children flushed a tooth brush (and hopefully that is ALL it is) down our toilet. So now we're down to 1 toilet. Looks like I'll be spending my day off tomorrow with a plumber. Not necessarily what we had planned, but so goes life with preschoolers.

On the plus side, Brayden told me in the car tonight that he loved me so much, that in a few years when he could pay for it for Christmas, he was going to buy me a hard, hard gun that could shoot 10 bullets, that way I could beat up the bad guys. And apparently I'm getting this fine gift because he loves me all the way to the moon and back. Such love in our home I tell you.... except for those bad guys. They better watch out ;)

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