Friday, February 8, 2013

Connor Sings the ABCs.

Lately I had started getting concerned about Connor. He just didn't seem to care or want to learn colors or letters. The funny thing is, not 4 days after I was starting to voice some of my concerns, did Connor start coming up to me with toys and voicing what color they were. And then Saturday, out of the blue, he sang the ABCs to us. He sings in a super high pitched, sweet toddler voice that will make anyone melt. He thankfully obliged to sing for the camera (with a little bribing of course!), so now you all get to hear it (for those of you in a reader, you'll probably need to click HERE to watch the video). And for those of you who like to take a walk back in time, here's Brayden singing his ABCs at 2.5 yrs.


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