Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Would Have Never Made It As a Pioneer Woman.

IMAG0842Oh Yall. We're going on day 4 of being stuck inside with the sickies. Brayden and I have the coughs like chronic smokers. Connor has the coughs too, but he has fever as well. So I took him to the doctor today thinking he probably had a sinus infection, or at worst, an ear infection. Turns out, he has the flu. Round 2 y'all. I about fell out of my chair when the doctor said he suspected he had strain B (he probably had strain A over New Years, but I never had him tested because we waited too long to get meds). So we're stuck. In the house. And we've watched every DVD we own at least 3 times, played with every single toy, and even ventured outside since the weather is so beautiful. Tonight when Drew pulled in the driveway, I stood near our garage, by myself, motionless. I was spent, emotionally and physically.

I declared to Drew that if I had lived in the Pioneer days, that I would surely have gone mad. There are a thousand reasons why. But I mean, really, it's so true. I could never:
- wear a corset.
- wear a multi layer dress every day.
- handwash clothes and dishes. My laundry evades me even with the most modern of washing machines. And I have a love affair with dishwashers.
- not have PBS kids, Disney movies and Leap Frog learning DVDs. Let's face it. If I want to eat my shredded wheat in peace, I turn on the tube. Never thought I'd be that kind of mom, but if I have to chose between hearing Elmo's song or have my child stand at my feet and say "Mommy" over and over and over again, I'm picking eating to Elmo's song, every time.
- have I mentioned corsets?
- not have air conditioning or heat. Modern conveniences are my friend. Have you noticed?
- not have flushing toilets. That are INSIDE my house. Aint nobody got time for walking to an outhouse, y'all.(Although not having a toilet inside would mean I wouldn't have to clean the potty every day).
Pioneer Women 1800s
- what would I do without cars? That can drive through McDonalds, Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A. I mean, how did those women even ride on those horses with those big ol' dresses???
- not have the ability to grab dinner on the go. Kids gone crazy? Call the hubs for pizza. Pretty sure that wasn't possible on the frontiers. Unless the hubs killed a chicken on his way in from the farm. And even then you've gotta roast the thing. 
- speaking of McDonalds.... praise the Lord for Coca-Cola.
- and my personal favorite, Mothers Day Out. I used to think that MDO was only for the moms who couldn't handle the job. MDO makes me a better mom. I often say "Praise Jesus for MDO!" and I'm not even kidding. I thank Jesus for MDO each and every time I drop my boys off. They love it, I love it and we're all happier for it in the end. Dear MDO, I miss you.
Here's to hoping we don't all go crazy before we get well.

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