Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Weekend in the Water.

We went into the weekend on Friday with hardly any plans, and somehow ended the weekend with a full set of activities.

Friday night was actually really cool, and since Connor is trying to learn how to handle a big boy bike, we decided to spend some family time outside. (funny sidenote: our little neighbor couldn't figure out why I was taking pictures with "that thing"- a camera- and not a phone. Clearly these are signs that I now use outdated technology. haha!)
sweet baby feet
I took all 3 boys by myself to Chick-Fil-A Friday morning (go me!). Brayden was SO excited that he got his own watch and wore it all weekend.
learning how to pedal. He can coast on his Strider bike really well, but he has no clue how to pedal. So now we're learning that trick, and will combine the two soon for him to be completely two wheeled.
Love these two goobers (also, note how C has no pants on. We like to keep it classy 'round these parts).
he watches the big brothers with such intent. When they ride bikes, Tyler will start kicking his legs. Already wanting to be like the bigs!

Saturday morning Drew helped a friend move, the big boys headed to the gym for some play time, and I stayed at home with Tyler. While Tyler napped, I went through all of the winter clothes for Tyler and hung up everything until I ran out of hangers. He has SO much clothes thanks to most of the hand-me-downs from his brothers, but also from my friend, Jenna, who was kind enough to give me all of the clothes from her boys. Needless to say, Tyler will be WELL dressed this winter.
This was just 1 of 3 piles of clothes for the little guy.

Saturday afternoon we headed to our neighbors house for a little party. Our kids were the only kids there, which can sometimes mean a stressful time for momma and daddy, but the boys did so well. They also got to swim, which is always a hit.
We didn't get back to our house until late Saturday evening, so we decided to rest in (no sleeping around here that much) Sunday morning before we headed to the lake with our good friends, Chris and Katie.

Tyler was pretty excited about his first boat ride. Clearly.
fun on the tube
Connor hasn't really wanted to do anything on the lake this year (I think he likes the food we bring on the boat more than the water). But today he was all about going out.At one point, Connor was on the tube with me, and FELL ASLEEP while we were riding. ha!
B went wakeboarding with Drew. He kept saying "look, just one hand!" So brave for a 4 year old
it's a rough life, but somebody's gotta do it.

Connor decided he wanted to wakeboard too. At first I wasn't sure it would go that well.

But then he warmed up to the idea
(I double heart love this picture. The boys have such an awesome daddy... can't imagine anyone else I'd rather raise 3 boys with than this man.)
Paige was my little helper with Tyler
hanging out eating snacks. That's what the lake's for! Also, Katie and I secretly hope that Paige and Brayden end up together. Arranged marriage anyone? ;)

We had such a fun time this weekend, but we all came home a little pooped. I forgot to put something in the crockpot before we left this morning, so we ended the weekend with a good pizza and movie.

We don't have much on the agenda during the days this week... just trying to relish in these last few days of summer before the boys and I start our fall schedule. Hope everyone has a great week!

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