Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Weekend of This and That.

We have had a whirlwind week and weekend, so I haven't had much time for blogging. After literally having every night not having the family sit down to dinner together, I think we all breathed a collective sigh of relief tonight when we were able to stop and enjoy each others company.

This weekend was the semi-annual Rhea Lana sale in our area, so I was busy volunteering for the sale most of the week/weekend, shopping for my kids clothes and then watching the kids while Drew took a shift on Saturday night. The boys were pretty excited about their new clothes, especially Connor. His favorite were the new "snowy boots"; the boy wouldn't take them off and kept asking when it would snow. He's got a while to wait ;)
I shopped Rhea Lana's last night, which makes today Christmas for my boys. Connor is obsessed with his new "snowy boots" and keeps asking when it's going to snow outside  ;-)
Sending him outside with the while bag of Cheerios probably wasn't the best idea....
while Drew was working Saturday night I had all 3 kids by myself. I was exhausted, so wasn't that strict on normal house rules. Which meant an entire bag of Cheerios made it out of the house somehow. And it ended up like this. I was kind of bummed about it, but by then I was too tired to clean it all up. I was so happy to find out that the little sparrows eat Cheerios, and were kind enough to clean up the mess this morning while we went to church. Score one for everyone.
Someone in my house thinks they're real funny.
SO after the Cheerio debacle, getting all 3 kids to bed (which is not an easy task by yourself) and a huge load of laundry folded, I was ready to sit and relax. Imagine my frustration when I opened the ice cream bin to this. Someone in my house has a sick, sick sense of humor.

Today was a grocery run day for us at Sams, but since bringing the whole family was not really in the books, I took Connor by myself. He was SO sweet, talked to me the whole time, and used his manners when other people gave him samples. I love having one on one time with him.
On a date with one of my favorite boys.

THEN... we got home. And he played the Dr Jekel and Mr Hyde game. The boy was all sass and no manners at dinner, but he kept saying the funniest things so it was really hard for us to keep a straight face. At one point Drew told Connor to sit down and eat his chicken, and Connor responded with "well, I'm mad at you. I'm going to throw food in your face." Mercy. That child. Then later, after we had had several talks and he STILL wasn't eating his chicken, I asked him again to eat his chicken. And he responded with "well, I have a baby in my tummy. And he doesn't eat chicken, just like baby Tyler. he only eats milk and pickles." I can't even make this stuff up folks.
He just told me he can't eat his chicken b/c there's a baby in his tummy and the baby only likes to eat milk and pickles. I have no words for a response.

And this one is really blurry, but had to throw it on here. Brayden is quite the brave one, and told me tonight it was like he was surfing. Boys are so funny.

This is our last week of summer before school starts back and fall activities begin. I'm trying to keep the schedule free as much as possible, because after this week it will be whirlwind for sure.

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