Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dandelions and Soccer.

We have had a fun weekend here, although I would be lying if I told you I was a bit ready for the fall weather to return. That's right... our heat is back in full force and it looks as though we'll close out the summer with our traditional "cook an egg on the sidewalk" kind of days.

Friday I braved the store with all 3 boys. It actually went pretty well. So well, in fact, that upon coming home, I humored all of us and we baked homemade chocolate chip cookies. My boys were pretty excited, especially about licking the utensils.
The best part of making cookies with mommy is lickin' the utensils. Clearly.

Friday night was our soccer kick off event for Brayden. The boys were SO excited. We had so much fun meeting our other teammates (Drew's coaching this year, along with my friend Jenna's husband, Chris) and enjoying some of the festivities that were going on.
The big boys are so excited to play together!
It's been really hard watching Connor be so sad about not getting to play this year. It's hard for me to relate to, since I was the oldest and never had to watch another sibling do something I wasn't able to participate in. He's been a trooper, and I am he'll have a little buddy on the sidelines to keep him company. 
Connor's actually pretty good at running and kicking the ball, so he'll be a pro by the time he can play in 2 years.
they had inflatables for the kids. The boys LOVED this huge slide.
and of course, balloon swords are always a hit.
Brayden's first sword popped, so he asked for a spear. Simply a balloon blown up. Who knew that it would lead to such joy? :)
Connor picked out a green sword. He did the funniest little jig to celebrate. Wish I had gotten video. He is hilarious.

Saturday we had our first practice. It was pretty interesting trying to feed a baby, keep Connor off of the field, and get water to Brayden when he needed it. I'm thankful Jenna was there to help me out, otherwise I'm pretty sure it would have been a bit hilarious at me trying to juggle it all. Because I was so busy, I didn't get any pics. Drew and Chris did a good job keeping the kids entertained during practice, especially considering neither of them have ever played soccer :) On the way home Brayden got out of the van, looked at Drew and said "Dad, thanks so much for coaching my team." It about melted me on the spot, and I know it did Drew too.

Today's been a typical Sunday for us. Drew snapped this pic of me and the bigs before church today. I love them so much.
I am so blessed. #boymomKisses from the bigs. I love being a boy mom. #latergram

After lunch, Brayden came over to me and gave me this flower. These little years can be so exhausting, but these little moments make it all worth it.
Picked just for me by B.

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