Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Connor's Spiderman Swim Party

I realize this post is about 2 weeks too late, but I wanted to remember this party, so better late than never.

As we approached November, Connor was more and more excited about his birthday. I feel like when kids hit age 3, they really understand and embrace making their birthday super special. Everytime I asked Connor what kind of birthday he wanted he would respond "A Fiderman (spiderman) birthday, with Fiderman rings and CHOCOLATE cupcakes!" I'm so thankful that he knew exactly what he wanted, and that it wasn't something that I had to go searching high and low for. Easy expectations to meet :) I'm so grateful that Walmart sells cupcakes for 50 cents a piece. They are exactly what my kids want and I don't have to bake anything... it's a match made in heaven :)

One thing that he threw me for was that he wanted to swim on his birthday. Kind of hard to do when your birthday's in November. Thankfully we have a community center in our area that has an indoor pool. My boys love it, and it happens to have a really cheap birthday package, so it's perfect for their colder month birthdays.
they weren't happy at all to be swimming in November. Nope. One thing we didn't get a picture of was the big yellow slide that is there at the community center. Connor LOVES it and every time I would take him down he would scream loudly "YEEEHAWWW! It's my BIRTTTTHHHHDAY!!!!" Cutest thing ever. Those are the moments that I want to just tuck away in my pocket for those long days of three year old tantrums.
Drew's mom got to come up for the party, and got the special bonus of baby snuggles for most of the party :)

I ended up being the one to swim with the boys this time, which was fine, but meant that pictures at the party were scarce. Drew happened to snap a few of the boys before they really got going in the swimming pool, and then I whipped out the big gun during the part of the party that wasn't in the pool.
These two goobers have been friends since they were babies. Love that my boys have such fun little buddies to grow up with.
Connor ate a chocolate cupcake AND a chocolate cupcake. Because you only have your third birthday party once. Also, the icing in his mouth is creeping me out in this picture, but it's the best one I got of him demolishing his favorite part of his party.
My Aunt and Uncle got Connor a reversible Spiderman/Batman cape. It was a hit, and I couldn't get him to quit running around with it. 

Overall it was a great little party that was laid back and exactly what Connor had asked for, which was what I had aimed for all along. I love being able to celebrate my boys!

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