Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ice Skating with Friends.

Yesterday we had a laundry list of errands to run, and then were planning on going for a family walk on one of the local trails. But all that changed when our good friends called and asked if we wanted to meet up with them at our local outdoor ice skating rink. We quickly changed directions and headed their way. I was a bit nervous about how the outing would go; the last time we had attempted regular skating it was an epic disaster, and Brayden was already a bit timid about the idea.
Brayden did really well this time. Connor only lasted a few minutes, but I guess that's to be expected given his age and it being his first time on the ice.
so grateful for my dear friend, Katie. She was the lone adult on the ice for most of the skate session.
Brayden doesn't know it yet, but I have arranged his marriage to Paige ;) I had gone to get my camera out of the van, and when I came back, these two were skating around the rink holding hands. She's about the only girl that I would allow to do this... Are they not the cutest?!
Brayden, Paige & Avery. These three have grown up together since they were babies.
Cooper and Connor: the two wildmen of the day.

Of course, as our luck would have it, Brayden stomped in a ginormous mud puddle on the way out of the park, and Connor and Tyler were both crying. Our life is never dull. :) So grateful we were able to catch a break in the cold of winter to enjoy the ice with friends!

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