Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tyler Paul {7 Months}.

I literally feel like I just typed Tyler's 6 month post 2 days ago. Time flies. Especially with all of the chaos and activities we've had over the past several weeks.
This boy has been on a developmental roll lately. He is absolutely the most precious thing ever, and aside from the witching hour that has seemed to haunt all of my children (Tyler not excluded), he is an absolute joy.

A few things to note about Tyler at 7 months

:: 7 month highlights::
  • He's a big boy! At his 6 month checkup he weighed a little over 20 pounds and was 27 inches long. 
  • wearing size 4 diapers
  • wearing 12 month, 12-18 month and even some 18 month clothes, depending on brand. 
  • not crawling, but will get up on all fours and rock back and forth. He gets so proud of himself. 
  • He's not allowed the fact that he can't crawl hold him back, and he is scooting, rolling and pushing to where he needs to go. For all intensive purposes, he's mobile. 
  • His favorite activity is the jumperoo. The kid could jump for hours. 
  • He adores his big brothers, and thinks they're better than sliced bread.
  • He eats all types of foods now, and is eating 3 solid meals a day. Thanksgiving was a real treat, as he got to get bites from everyone's plates. He had Mexican food this past weekend and I wish you could have seen his face. It lit up and he looked at me as though I hung the moon. The boy can down some Mexican food. Good thing, because he needs to keep up with the rest of his Mexican food lovin' family ;)
  • no teeth. And none in site that I can tell. 
  • He says his own little version of "hi" and also says Dada. 
  • He has started waving (it's more like an all out arm flail, but it's a wave nonetheless).
  • loves to give kisses.
  • I've started weaning him to bottles/formula. I still nurse once or twice a day, and then he gets bottles for the other feedings (4 feedings altogether). This has been a big relief for me. I've never been a mom who LOVES nursing like some people do, and find that I am much more relaxed when I can just bottle feed my babies. And if I'm honest, I made it a lot longer nursing Tyler than I thought I would, given the fact that we have a crazy busy schedule and I have 3 kids. I'm more than pleased that we made it almost 7 months exclusively on breastmilk. 

Baby Tyler-

I often sing to you and your brothers about how you are my sunshines. And you really are. Even on those long, hard grueling days that motherhood often throws my way, you have a way of making me smile, even if it means I get to hold you a little longer at night and listen to your soft little snore. You are so precious and I am constantly amazed at how perfectly you fit into and complete our family. I am so blessed to be your mommy and so thankful for the past 7 months that God has allowed us to have you. We love you Tyler Paul! 

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