Thursday, December 5, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...Take Pictures of Your Babies.

These past 8 days have tested me. I feel like just when we'd recover from one of lifes punches, we'd get hit from another angle. In case you haven't caught up, in the past 8 days we've had: a house flood, a clogged guest bathroom requiring a visit from the plumber, a fan blade break and fall off (thankfully not on one of my children), my dryer started going out, and I caught a rock to my windshield in the van before the snowpacolypse that we're in the midst of in NWA. Tired after that list? Because I feel as though we've run two marathons. And it's not over... as I type, Drew is working on getting the floors fixed, which entails ripping out everything we have and putting new stuff in. During Christmas season. Fun times.

I'll be honest. I've cried my fair share of tears, had a few pity parties about how my house won't be the perfect picture that I have in my mind during Christmas season, and wondered when we'll catch a break. I've also laughed, because when you get past the emotions of everything, it's almost comical how everything has happened all at the same time. And thrown in the mixture of the tears and laughter is the realization that He has been faithful. We found a used dryer that is nicer than the one that is going out and only spent $150. Thank you God. God has shown His hand along the way of us traveling the path of insurance and water in your house and things breaking and stopping up an imploding. He is in the midst of it all. He is good, even in the midst of what seems like unbearable drama.

In the midst of everything, I realized a silver lining this morning as I was playing in our now empty playroom. I had perfect lighting and a perfect setting for a few indoor pictures of my babies. So thankful for the sweet reminder that even when it seems like everything all around me is coming unhinged, there is still so much to be grateful for.

If you're a local reader, I pray you and your family stay safe during this winter storm. We're hunkered down and enjoying the beauty of snow (and my boys are so excited about eating snow ice cream that they can hardly stand it).

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