Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All Aboard the Polar Express!

On the third day of cabin fever my true love gave to me....
Cabin fever has made us crazy. Braving the roads in the swagger wagon
a car ride to the Christmas train!

We've been on a local Christmas train for the past 3 years (you can see our past rides HERE and HERE). My boys have been super excited about going this year, but with all of the winter snow and doom, we weren't even sure we'd make it. I'm so thankful I'm married to someone who is confident and capable of driving on horrible roads.

My boys were SO excited, but the excitement kind of wore off when we had to wait for what felt like an eternity. The train was running behind schedule, so everyone was off schedule. I'm so thankful that Tyler is a somewhat flexible baby. Bless his heart he was exhausted but was such a trooper.
they usually have the trains set up outside for the kids to see, plus a lot of other little features, but because of the cold, most of it was canceled. They did still have two model trains set up, which both of my big boys loved.
how cute is he all bundled up?!
I'm sorry, when did grow up?!?!
all of the kiddos, ready to go!
my friend, Katie, and her family went with us again this year. She is one of my besties. Also, I just realized that I have worn a red shirt every year we've gone on the train... so there's that.
Santa was on the train, as always. He asked Connor what he wanted for Christmas. His lone reply was that he wanted a new baloon, since the one he had gotten at the beginning of the train ride had popped.
sweet trooper of a baby
this probably goes down as most awkward family photo, but it is better than nothing. Love having this little tradition with our boys, and so grateful that we were still able to go even though the weather was not the greatest.

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