Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fourth Time's the Charm

Yesterday we had to travel to the county health department for Brayden's shots. We have previously just gotten his shots during his well visits, but since Drew's benefits at his new job take 6 months to go into effect, we had to go to the county. I was pleased to find out that they now do appointments, but I quickly realized that government appointments are not like doctor appointments. For you see, with the government, they service (mainly) the poor and needy. It doesn't matter how freaking slow you are, you still have your job. My appointment was for 11:30, so I promptly arrived at 11:25, baby, bag and toys in tow. Window #7. Shuttle on over. The lady blankly stares at me, asks me to fill out the form and that she'd call me when she was ready for me. Remember that scene in Meet the Fockers (or Parents, I can't remember) where Ben Stiller's character goes up to the gate at the airport and is asked to be seated since priority passengers were boarding (even though clearly there were no other passengers in sight?) I totally felt like him yesterday. So I went back to my seat, played with Brayden for 15 minutes and then went back up to the window when I was called up. Paid my $5, sat back down, and sat for ANOTHER 45 MINUTES. (Welcome to Obamacare people-- it will only get worse if the freaking government takes over!).
The toy fell on the floor within 5 minutes, so that was out. Brayden wouldn't take his bottle because he was being distracted by all of the people in the waiting area. Thankfully he finally started eating, and right about the time he finished we were called back... by possibly the crabbiest nurse in all of our area. I asked her how she was doing, and she gave the obligatory smile. Nice. This is the lady about to stab my son with needles. We get in the room. She informs me that our previous pediatrician gave Brayden the HepB vaccine at 4 months when it wasn't needed. He will have to get a 4th dose. I was a bit taken aback, and kind of was freaking out in my head, but what do you do? The vaccine is not complete until the 6 month booster. So he got the shot. On the way home I had a breakdown. I am not against vaccines, but I don't want to give more than he needs. I called Drew crying, saying that if Brayden got sick it was all my fault... yada yada yada... motherly worrying blabbers. Drew quickly calmed me down reminding me that God is in control. Not me. Not the county. Not Obama. GOD. Thank you dear husband. Off to Sams to finish errands and go home with my sleeping, vaccinated child.
Tonight I read this article, and breathed a bit easier. It reminded me of why we decided to vaccinate Brayden. By vaccinating, I am recognizing the fact that I believe the risks of vaccinating far outweigh the risk of not doing so.

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