Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend in Review

Well, Nothing like hitting the ground running in the fall. Generally after the summer stops our weekends get a bit slower and we kind of just hang out a bit. Which is a nice change from the busy-ness that is summer weekends. But this weekend, as are the ones in weeks to come, was a busy one. Friday Brayden and I went with our friend's Chris and Katie to a little festival., and Drew met up with us after he got off of work They had some games for the kids (their little girl Paige went down the HUGE slide all by herself-- we were VERY impressed!) and different booths. The weather here is SO nice right now, so it was fun to get out of the house and enjoy the weather and friends!

The Allen Clan

Family Pic-- Brayden wasn't quite sure about it

He was, however, sure about riding on his daddy's shoulders!
Saturday, our community group helped out with a service project on a condemned house that the city is trying to bring to code for the homeowner who is disabled. When I showed up they were a bit skeptical since I had an infant, but I quickly showed those men of little faith that a woman with a baby strapped to her back is just as effective. I hauled limbs, trash, etc from the backyard until B finally crashed out in the Snugli. At that point we just took him out and let him sleep in the stroller. When he woke up, one of the older women at the house asked if she could watch him. I was so grateful for her help, because it allowed me to go in and pull up carpet, paint and peel wallpaper.

B all conked out and snugly after hauling trash with mommy!

"Whoa Daddy, watch what you're doing with those snippers!"
Saturday night we went over to a friends house to celebrate a birthday, and also watch the Hogs play. I was a bit scared watching the game, since the past 2 weeks have had a horrid show of defense, but the Hogs brought it and were victorious! Hopefully this will mark a turning point in the season.

Sunday was relaxing day after church, so we really didn't do anything. I desperately need to get my house in order, since I still haven't cleaned since I've been home from Baton Rouge. B goes for 6 month shots this week, which I am dreading. On a good note though, I think we have turned a corner with his schedule, and once again he's taking consistent naps (knock on wood... hope I didn't just jinx myself). He's now on a 4 hour schedule, taking 2 naps (sometimes 3 if he REALLY needs that 3rd one) a day. I think that the 4-6 month period is just REALLY hard with all of the changes they have going on, it just doesn't make life conducive to nap taking. Praise the Lord it's over. Oh, and I think before long, little mister will be crawling. He frequently gets up on all 4s, but will quickly fall back down. I think he is starting to realize how it works, but it hasn't all connected yet. Someday soon I'll be chasing him around. Oh me, Oh my!


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