Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend filled with fall weather and traveling. It was Drew's birthday this weekend, and so to celebrate the occasion Drew's dad treated us to a trip to Gaston's White River Resort. It's a quaint little resort with trout fishing galore, a small air strip and lots of nature trails. The boys fished on Saturday morning while B and I walked around the grounds. When they got back we watched the pathetic performance of our Hogs (that's all I say on that matter!) and then strolled around some more before enjoying a nice peaceful dinner. Brayden was a bit fussy so we took turns walking him around the restaurant while each of us ate. I think it was the first time I'd seen Drew visibly frustrated with B's noise; as a mom I think we tend to start overlooking it because it really is just a part of every day life. The fun story of Saturday night was that I left dinner early to go put B down for bed. Well, when I got back to the cabin I had to let Toby out to go potty. I figured since we were just stepping outside there was no use for his leash, and went out with B & Toby. Mind you, it was about 50 something degrees outside. Tobes did his business, and I turned back around to go inside, and, yep, you guessed it, the door was locked. AWESOME. So I turned around, dog in tow (with no leash), fussy baby, and had to walk ALL the way back to the restaurant. When I got back Drew and his dad were leaving, so thankfully I had extra hands at that point. Drew asked if I cussed on the way back down there, and unfortunately I had to say yes. But only twice. Toby kept running to the doors of each cabin, and so that's what led to the mouth. Overall it was a great weekend. We're glad to be back though, as Brayden just does so much better in our own home. Traveling combined with teething (not to mention having to pack all of the dagum baby crap!) can be an interesting experience. Below are some of my favorite pics from the trip. I actually still have about 20 more pics to edit, but figured I should do something a little more productive than picture editing all day :) Have a great week!



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