Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Screaming & Knashing of Teeth


In my last post I mentioned the fact that we were having so much fun in Baton Rouge with my family. Can I change my story? The past two afternoons and evenings have been literal hell. I mean, I think my mom is even going insane, and she's raised 4 kids and lived to tell about it, so surely this must not be a joke. My kid is screaming. ALL. THE. TIME. The only thing that gets him to quit (and occasionally even this doesn't work) is if I hold him. I now have a knot in my back the size of Texas, and I swear it's growing by the day. It's party from the holding, partly from the stress. He is NOT normally like this. And I don't want him to come home and think it's ok to cry your balls off and get away with it. So what do I do? I let him cry. And scream. and shriek. And then I put him in his pack and play and let him do it there. Then he gets quiet, I think it's over and I go to get him. Only to set him down on the floor and have it start all over again. After about an hour and a half of this, he'll just poop out and fall asleep. We're here for another week and a half... please dear Lord tell me it won't be like this the whole time?!

An hour and a half of this will make you go INSANE!


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